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The Original Smell Proof Stash Box


"The Investment that every cannabis enthusiast needs to make"

"Keep your weed products secret, safe and right where you want them"

"Disrupting the cannabis storage and accessory industry"

King Of All Stash Boxes

King Of All Stash Boxes

What your stash box should've been all along.

No ziploc bags or shoeboxes. Protect your stash, preserve your buds, edibles, and concentrates properly.

So go ahead, store your expensive glass pieces, your most potent buds. It does it all and all to well. Your own portable, mini-fortress,

Ballistic Shell - Serious Protection

Ballistic Shell - Serious Protection

"Fine As Spider Web, Strong Like Steel"

When it comes to serious protection, that's kind of our thing.

Water proof, weather proof, shock proof, impact proof.

Whether you just got a new glass piece or scored some potent buds, we got you.

Hide The Smell Like It's Nobody's Business

Hide The Smell Like It's Nobody's Business

Our proprietary Smell Block™ Technology will make sure no smell escapes.

Tested on even the most potent of buds and concentrates.

Go ahead, hide away.