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Smell Block™


What your stash box should've been all along.

Using our proprietary triple-layer smell filtration system, all smell will get absorbed.

box has been tested with the most potent flowers and oils. If smell dared to make a sound, our collection of stash boxes will silence it.

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Ballistic Shell for Serious Protection

Fine As Spider Web, Strong Like Steel.

When it comes to serious protection, we don't skip on that. Water proof, weather proof, shock proof, impact proof. Whether you just got a new glass piece or picked up some potent flowers, we got you.

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  • Best investment ever!


    I live in NY so it’s always very crowded and I’m always around people. This bag does the job by locking in the smell of my buds when I’m out on the street and its discreet design doesn’t draw attention.
    The fabric and construction feel durable and look top notch. I spilled some liquid on the bag and it rolled right off - nothing seeped into the bag!

  • Great product, great customer service.


    I absolutely love this stash box. The material is durable and quality and it functions great both in terms of storage and scent blocking. The size and shape are perfect for me for traveling. It fits right in with my luggage.
    Overall I could not recommend this more. If you’re looking for an elegant way to travel with your supplies this is the box for you.

  • Really works!


    My fiancé and I have always had our stuff in bags and jars that covered up the smell for the most part, but not like this. You can literally PUT THE BAG UP TO YOUR NOSE AND NOT SMELL IT INSIDE. We are parents so we needed something to hide it better. I love that it is so discreet, has a lock, holds up well, has multiple sections, removable dividers, small additional baggies.

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