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The Vault - World's First Carbon Fiber Stash Box

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  • 🦾 WORLD'S FIRST CARBON FIBER STASH BOX: Innovation is our pride and joy. Carbon F-Flex™ is a unique fabric infused with carbon fiber making it lightweight & flexible and also crush proof, slash proof, water proof, heat proof and shock proof. The pinnacle of protection.
  • 🌫️ 100% SMELL BLOCK™ TECHNOLOGY: What we're known for and what we do best. Using tried and true technology, we prevent your smell proof case from leaking out any smells. Designed and tested to house the most potent of herbs. If smell dared to make a sound, the Vault will silence it. 
  • 🔲 EVEN LARGER MODULAR COMPARTMENTS: More space, more customization, still your way. The Vault is fully customizable allowing you to retrofit your smell proof bag however you want with minimal effort. Your lifestyle, your set-up, your way.
  • 🔒 HEAVY DUTY BRASS LOCK: Say goodbye to bolt-on combination locks. The Vault comes with an external brass combo lock knowing that all your expensive gears are guarded with maximum security until you are ready to open your smell proof container.
  • ♾️ LIFETIME WARRANTY: A perfect investment or gift. Using only the most premium materials coupled with superior craftsmanship, we’re certain your stash bag can handle the test of time in both durability and functionality.
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Uncompromised Quality & Pure Functionality.

Even Larger Modular Compartments:

Your set-up, your way. Massive storage is easily customizable to retrofit your Blackbox however you want.

Heavy Duty Combo Lock:

Tough to crack, easy to use. Know that your most previous flowers and fear is guarded until you are ready to open it.

Carbon Fiber Fabric:

Crush proof, slash proof, water proof, heat proof and shock proof. Insane protection with water-resistant, shock resistant and impact resistant capabilities.


The time for ziploc bags and shoeboxes is over. Protect your stash and preserve your flowers and oils properly.

So go ahead, store your expensive glass pieces, your most potent flowers. It does it all too well. Your own portable, mini-fortress.